The Top 3 Most Ultimate Manifestation Secrets, They Don’t Want You To Know About!!

Your mind is controlling and oftentimes significantly limiting, EVERY result you have in your life right now! 

Mastering it is SIMPLE, but NOT EASY to do and often takes people years, decades or even an entire life-time to understand and worse yet, some people never actually figure it out and remain stuck their ENTIRE LIVES... and I don't want that for you!

If your truest desires and dreams have eluded you thus far, or you've been studying self-development or the law of attraction for a while but still haven't figured out how to manifest your dreams quite yet, then you're in the RIGHT SPOT and it's not a coincidence you're here... it's divine timing!

You're about to learn the 3 MOST ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION SECRETS that will help you unlock and achieve your desires and dreams, 10X faster than ever before!

But before we dive in, there are some fundamentals you NEED TO KNOW!

* Pre-requisite "Energy" Info *

Universal Principle #1:  The Law of Vibration

Energy = Vibration, Frequency, Power, Wave, Signal...

Everything in the Universe is energy, including us humans!  We are energetic beings living in a physical body, with an intellectual mind able to create our reality.  Like a cell phone or a radio, we send and receive energy in different forms (via thoughts, emotions, our voice/audio, our bodies/physical, etc.)

Our thoughts are electrical impulses (neurons firing in our brain) and our feelings are magnetic impulses (that we physically feel in our heart/chest/body) as emotions and between the two, we are sending out an electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) signal into the Universe and this happens all day, every day, whether we realize it or not.

Most people are completely unaware/unconscious to this!  Hopefully you're not if you've been doing a bit of self-development/enlightenment work.  If not, then this will serve you VERY well!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only take on a new form. 

  • Physical = The potential energy from an apple tree seed being planted into the soil, as new energy (sun, water, nutrients from soil) fuels it, it blooms into an apple tree which creates apples which turns into energy for our bodies when we eat the apple and the cycle simply repeats. 
  • Emotional = Someone who is feeling angry will channel this energy into yelling or aggression toward someone or something and in turn, that energy cycle will repeat on to the next person or thing.

Universal Principle #2:  The Law of Attraction

Like frequencies or similar energy cohere and attract with one another, and dislike frequencies repel one another. 

What that means is, the energy (frequency) you give off or put out into the Universe through your thoughts and feelings (EMF signal), will attract that SAME energy/frequency in the form of people, circumstances, events, happenings, opportunities (or lack thereof), that are at the SAME level of energy/signal/frequency that you're emitting.

So, if you're angry or bitter at the world, you will "coincidentally" continue getting people, things, events, happenings (and other validations) that match and manifest more things to be bitter and angry at into your life.  

There's no such thing as coincidence, it's just simply the foundational laws of the Universe in action!

Universal Principle #3:  Energy ALWAYS takes the path of LEAST resistance

Like water, energy will always take the path of least resistance in any given area... 

Now that you have this pre-requisite info, now we can get on with the 3 Secrets that will transform your results and life forever!

SECRET #1: How Our Mind Actually Creates Our Reality

Once you learn this first secret, you'll be light-years better at manifesting ANYTHING you desire!  

We want to start leveraging and being in harmony with how our mind/brain naturally works and creates (or attracts) our reality.  Here are the 3 fundamental principles of how our mind creates/attracts:

1) It activates/creates visually through PICTURES (That's why story-telling is SO powerful, it creates vivid pictures on the screen of our imagination and that's what "programs" us at our deepest, emotional levels)

2) It sends/receives/magnetizes through FEELING (How you feel about that "picture" from above, makes all the difference in the world)

3) It operates ONLY in the PRESENT (it’s not aware of “future” or “past”) - more on this in Secret #2 below!

So whatever idea or picture you have in your mind for your desire and HOW YOU FEEL about that picture in the present moment, IS EXACTLY what you’re manifesting right now into your life around that "thing", whether you realize it or not (Conscious or unconscious).

With this in mind, if you think about your desire (more money, more clients, better health, better relationships, etc.) and you get a picture of that "thing" in your mind - let's say it's getting more money for example, we need to find out what our GUT FEELING is about getting more money right now in our life...  Is it a general "good" feeling or "bad" feeling and most importantly, WHY???

[Important Note: You have to see what your immediate gut feeling is about it, because if you give yourself too much time, you'll come up with some story or "mind drama" that dilutes how you actually feel and it will postpone your success in manifesting it effectively, because the resistance will persist - everything comes down to how you FEEL]

Let's say our immediate gut feeling is a sense of uncertainty, resistance, fear, lack, etc. around making or getting more money (because it's been a source of pain or struggle for us in the past - from not having enough of it let's say), then we need to resolve this feeling around getting more money, before we'll ever truly attract MORE MONEY to us!  

I hope this is starting to make more sense and has already given you some serious #VALUEBOMBS!  

SECRET #2: The Power Is In The Present Moment

All of your creative/creation power is accessible from the present moment ONLY.  

If throughout the day your mind is consumed with negative thoughts and feelings from the past, for the present or for the future (fear-casting - worst case scenario thinking), those thoughts and feelings are all being processed and analyzed in the present moment by our wonderful and glorious brain, and THAT ENERGY is what you're currently sending out, projecting, attracting, magnetizing and getting more of, in your current reality.

Thoughts and feelings of lack of money or my bank account being empty = attracts more circumstances, events or opportunities (or lack their of) for having no money or an empty bank account

The same is true for health, relationships, and every other area of our life!  

How we FEEL about that "thing" right now in the PRESENT MOMENT is what we need to correct and heal!

We do this in many different ways and I'll share 2 VERY powerful techniques so you can start to re-frame and re-associate the feelings you have about the "thing" or picture (money in this example).

  1. Become The Observer:  Instead of OWNING and ACCEPTING your negative or limited thought(s) about the "thing or picture" (money in this case) as the truth for you, start observing and noticing them.
    • For example, you can say "I notice I'm having the thought that money is hard for me to make" [Simply replace with your limited thought]
    • Next, we want to consciously REJECT that limiting or negative thought by continuing the above statement... "I notice I'm having the thought that money is hard for me to make however, I no longer accept this thought/idea/belief and REJECT it from this point forward"
    • Next, we want to consciously CHOOSE a NEW BETTER SERVING/FEELING thought about said "thing or picture".  For example, "Money is EASY for me to make"
    • Even if you don't currently believe that NEW Empowering statement for yourself, if you say it enough to yourself through affirmations, it will start to become true for you.  This is how our brain gets programmed, through repetition and consistency.  If you say ANYTHING to yourself enough times over and over again, you will begin to accept it as truth (whether it is or not currently).

  2. Motion Creates E-Motion - Smile Exercise:  If you're in a funk or negative state of mind about any area of your life, start following the below steps to get yourself out of it immediately and begin shifting and re-framing your mindset:  

    • "Power Pose + Smile" - Stand up tall, head up high, feet apart, chest out, shoulders back, and put a HUGE SMILE on your face for at least 1 minute.
      • Stand there and FEEL into that pose and smile for at least 1 minute.
      • You can amplify this feeling by remembering a time that was fun, exciting, or when you won something in your life or what I like to do is think of one of my favorite comedians like Chris Farley and something they did to make me laugh to start feeling that smile for real!
      • Lastly, you can now think about that thing that you were feeling negative about earlier (I don't care what you think about, it's impossible to feel "bad" in this position with a smile on, I promise you that!) and then allow that fun, excitement, good feeling to be felt along with that thing we previously felt bad about (money, relationship, etc.) and this immediately shifts your energy around that "thing"!
      • Continue this until you no longer feel bad around that "thing"

These exercises are incredibly valuable!!  I teach my $20K clients these exact same exercises!!

SECRET #3: All Creation Is Complete

There is a scientific law called the "Law of Conservation of Mass" (discovered by Antoine Lavoisier in 1785), that states that matter is neither created nor destroyed… and that the total amount of mass and energy in the universe is constant.  

Albert Einstein later added to this idea stating...

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed from one form to another.”

~ Albert Einstein

What this implies is that all the energy that makes up the entire Universe (physical and non-physical), ALREADY EXISTS in "some form" and we are merely forming this "energy" into ANYTHING we desire (infinite potential) and we do this deliberately by using the 3 simple steps outlined below!

Important Note: We're not actually "creating" anything.  The "building blocks" for what we desire have already been created energetically and what brings it into our physical reality and existence, is the continuous ATTENTION and FEELING that we flow to the "thing" we desire (or don't desire), that eventually sets into motion, the inevitable creation and attraction of it into our physical life and reality, by forces beyond comprehension!

"Where our attention goes, energy flows and momentum grows"

This process is happening unconsciously for most people.  So congratulations, you're becoming one of the blessed and enlightened who can consciously "take the reigns" and become a master of your results, life and destiny! 

So this whole idea -> all creation is complete, means that the thing we desire is already here and we are just merely "sculpting", "forming", "conjuring", "pulling", "attracting", "magnetizing", "amplifying", "claiming", "receiving", "accepting" and "allowing" it into our life...

CLAIMING, RECEIVING, ACCEPTING and ALLOWING it into our life however, is where things start to go wrong... because this means we must have NO or ZERO RESISTENCE around it.  

This is where most people go wrong... there's still resistance around that very thing that they desire!  ("It's hard to get", "I've never had it", "I'm unlucky", "I don't deserve it", "I can't have it because", "what will people think of me?"...) so their attention, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are actually COUNTERACTING and OPPOSING their desires and they're actually attracting the opposite into their life and reality!

This idea is a lot like trying to fall asleep.  If you TRY and force yourself to fall asleep, what happens?... You actually stay awake, tossing and turning for much longer than you wish and it only gets worse as your mind keeps thinking about it (flowing attention to it).  

Instead, we want to relax completely, breathe deeply, let go of any tension in all parts of our body and just ALLOW ourselves to fall asleep... but instead for manifestation, we want to ALLOW ourselves to feel NO resistance, only ease, goodness, effortlessness, comfortability, familiarity, etc. around that "thing".  

Therefore, whatever it is you desire, following Secret #2 above will help us to lower the resistance around it... and then you can follow the below steps to actually start allowing it in 10X times faster!!

The Basic 3 Step Manifestation Process

  1. Desire: Determine EXACTLY what it is that you desire and you MUST BE CLEAR!
    • Most people generalize what they want... "more money".  But that's not clear enough... more money could me $1 more or $50,000 more
    • Be 100% clear and concise on what it is that you want and WRITE IT DOWN to make certain of it

  2. Visualize:  Get a vividly clear picture in your mind of the "thing" you desire (Imagine it real - as if you've already received it)
    • The more clear the picture is in your mind's eye (imagination), the faster and more powerfully you'll be able to start attracting it in
    • Visualize from 1st person point of view like you are the star of your own "mind movie" and 

  3. Emotionalize: Go a bit deeper and imagine what it would FEEL like if you already had that "thing" you desire...
    • How would it feel to have, do or be it? (Imagine you've had it for a few weeks or a few months already... how would your life look?)
    • How would you be acting or talking to others with this "thing" and how would they be talking to you?
    • What would you be doing differently when you have this "thing"?

As simple as this sounds, it takes a lot of awareness and practice to truly master this because our past programming, paradigms, beliefs, feelings and thoughts can really "rule the roost" so to speak... and trust me, I speak from experience!  

So don't be discouraged if it takes you a bit longer to manifest something you want, in fact...therein lies another common problem for most people...

If you still WANT that "thing" you desire, that's implying that you FEEL as though you don't already have it and THAT IS THE EXACT REASON why you're not receiving it!!!  <- Go back and re-read that again <- #MOREVALUEBOMBS!!!

Because the truth is, practicing all the steps above will help you establish a state of FEELING as if you already have that thing you desire BEFORE it actually comes into your life... and that mechanism of FEELING it before it comes in (feel it real), IS ACTUALLY WHAT'S ATTRACTING IT IN... It's on the frequency of it (your desire).

So keep practicing this for yourself each and every day (multiple times a day preferably), until you FEEL SO GOOD around the thing you desire, that it becomes the next most natural, familiar, comfortable feeling of inevitability that it's already yours, and that is when it will show up in your physical reality in an often unexpected way!  

I hope this article was SUPER VALUABLE to you and that it helped unlock some new perspectives.... however, knowledge without application is a waste!

So we MUST put into action, the information you learned right away!  

My challenge to you is this: Print out the steps above and practice them daily for at least 30 to 60 days!  Then let me know how your life has changed because of it (comment below or reach out to me directly)!  That's my favorite part!!!

And if you're struggling with applying the above info and you know you really have some serious limitations or blocks and need help breaking through them, then I invite you to schedule a call with me (my calendar link is on my homepage) OR check out the details on my NEWEST Coaching Program that's designed to QUANTUM LEAP your results in the next 30 to 90 days!!!

May ALL of your dreams become a reality for you, sooner than later!


With much love and gratitude,

"Our Mind Is The Limitless Creation Foundry Of Our Life... Learn How To Wield It, And You Control Your Destiny!"

"You Are What You Believe...

You'll Change Your Life!"