How To Start Manifesting What You REALLY Want, With Ease & Speed!

I've been SO incredibly blessed 🙏 in my life and have "manifested" SO MUCH especially over the past 10 to 15 years, from my dream wife, to our amazing kids, to the house of our dreams, to the career and clients of my dreams, to new levels of income each month, to weird and random things like a new projector and all sorts of stuff...

One of my more recent deliberate "manifestations" though, was our new Chevy Tahoe!  

My wife and I had wanted one for years!  So when the new model came out last year (in 2021), and we saw the new grill and how sharp it was, our excitement went through the roof and I literally said, we're getting THAT, 100%!!

Needless to say, the picture above (and below), is of us on the day we bought it and what a magnificent year it's been ever since!  

This is my wife and I before driving our DREAM Tahoe home for the first time!

We were both gleaming with joy on that ride home with thoughts of "I can't believe we're proud new owners of our dream Tahoe!"  It was so awesome!

So how did I actually "Manifest" a brand new Tahoe?? or how did I manifest ALL the things I have over the years...

Before I go any further... I know a Tahoe isn't a huge deal like a Ferrari or anything like that - though we did sit in one at the dealership - lol! 

But it was pretty cool how the whole thing worked out...

And I know you COULD just go out and buy a Tahoe or a truck normally, but let me tell you,

THE EXACT one we wanted, happened to fall RIGHT ON OUR LAP effortlessly, for an AMAZING price, relatively CLOSE to where we live, AND in a RIDICULOUSLY competitive market, that was and has been outrageously OVER-PRICED, ever since (for well over a year now)!

So the fact that the EXACT Tahoe we wanted (color and all), came to us serendipitously, super fast and effortlessly, right after I coincidentally used a deliberate "Manifestation" process for about 4 weeks beforehand...

Was that a coincidence?  Maybe, but let me ask you this...

What if you KNEW the exact process to manifest something you REALLY wanted in 4 weeks time, wouldn't you at least be willing to try it out for yourself?

Regardless of your answer, I'm going to teach you the process I deliberately used AND have been refining for the past couple years, AND offer up MY BRAND NEW PROGRAM that details this process and so many NEXT LEVEL "Manifestation Techniques" that have allowed me to 3X, 5X and now 10X my income, business impact, relationships and so much more in my life, and I'm SUPER excited to share this knowledge with others!  

So let's get right into shall we!  Here are the first 3 Steps I Did Everyday, To Manifest My Dream Tahoe In 4 Weeks and how I manifest ANYTHING in my life now, each month ahead!

Step 1 = DECIDE: Get Clear On EXACTLY What You Want

This step may seem "easy", but most people actually do it wrong!

They may think they know what they want, but it's often too "surface level", and isn't really clear enough and/or doesn't really get them jazzed up enough about it.

So step 1 is GET CLEAR ON EXACTLY WHAT you want, and write it down in detail.

You can write this on a piece of paper or in a journal, but make sure it's to the level of detail that allows you to picture it perfectly in your mind with no guesswork (the exact color, shape, size, smell, texture, literally everything about "it")

For example, if you want to manifest more money... 

  • Exactly HOW MUCH more money do you want?  (I want $51,000)
  • WHEN do you want it?  This week, next week, next month, next year... (I want $51,000 in four weeks)
  • WHY do you want it? What will it allow you to do that you can't already, or in what ways will it enhance your life? (I want $51,000 in four weeks, because it will allow me to...)

If it's a person, event, opportunity or new circumstance, etc. that you desire, you can do the same thing and describe the exact characteristics or details of "that person or thing".

Also, you can take a picture of "it", to help you imagine it better (think like a dream board), but the real key is, you MUST imagine it vividly on the screen of YOUR mind (which taps into the subconscious), almost like a memory.


Step 2: SELECT: Select An "End-Scene" Of You In Possession Of "It"

You actually "Select" what you want, by constructing an "End-Scene" in your imagination of you in possession of "It" [It being the thing you want] 

To do this effectively, imagine as if you've already gotten it and it's already yours...

For the same example above, if you want to manifest more money... 

  • FIRST, how would you know you got "more money"? 
    • Would you see evidence of it in your bank account?
    • Would you get a check in the mail?
  • What would you be doing differently in your life if you had "more money"?
  • How would you be acting or showing up differently?
  • In what ways would it make your life better if it was already in your bank account?  

The secret to Step 2 is, actually "SEEING" yourself already in possession of "It"!


Step 3: ACTIVATE: Activate The Attraction Of "It", By Feeling Strong Emotion

The next and most powerful step is THIS one, Step 3! 

"Activate" what you want, by FEELING into the "End-Scene" you created in your imagination from Step 2 above...

A very powerful perspective for doing this step effectively is, imagine as if you've already been in possession of "It" for several weeks or months... 

For the same example we've been using, if you want to manifest more money... 

  • What would you be THINKING if you had "It"? (Describe the thoughts around having "more money")
  • How would YOU feel or Who would you have to BE to have "It"? (Describe the emotions and characteristics of "That version of yourself" - i.e. more abundant, more grateful, etc.)
  • What would it sound like, smell like, or taste like? (Engage all 5 senses to make this "visualization" within your imagination as REAL as possible!

The secret to Step 3 is, emotionally FEELING as if you already have "It" and that it's not a foreign concept or thing.

With manifesting more money, you MUST FEEL MORE ABUNDANT, otherwise it simply won't work.  People with lots of money, never entertain thoughts of lack!

In order to manifest ANYTHING, you must become familiar with "It" in all the different ways you can "experience having It"

This can be a difficult concept to master, but my new program can help teach you dozens of different Manifestation Techniques that are all geared toward helping you manifest more effectively!

I also coach my clients very deeply on mastering these concepts as well, because once you do, it completely transforms your life and and your perspective of it, forever!  

It has to do with your Self-Identity and we've become masters at tapping into our NEW or greater Self, each month!!

So if you want to speed the process up and get help applying any of these steps or any "Manifestation" concepts I mentioned in this article, I highly recommend you check out my new "Manifestation Mastery" 33-Day Program that will help you start manifesting SUPER effectively, right away!

We (my wife and I), want YOU to get the things you desire in your life too and to live the life of your dreams, and I'm just so happy to share these techniques, concepts, processes and way of thinking with you, because they've helped enhance my life 10 times over, and I want the same for you!! 

This 3 STEP process outlined above is extremely powerful!

And if you've studied the "Secret" or the "Law of Attraction" at all, you'll likely be familiar with some elements of it...

But my promise to you is this, if you follow these EXACT 3 STEPS all the way through, whole-heartedly for at least 30 days straight (and preferably 60 days if you're just starting out), 

Whatever you desire will be well on its way into your life and you can simply start looking for evidence of it coming in (via more coincidences, people, events, circumstances, happenings, etc.) that start to seemingly unfold serendipitously each week!

If you have any doubt(s) in the process or in your own ability to "manifest", know that you've been manifesting your whole life, you've just been unconscious or unaware that that's what you've been doing this whole time. 

Now go out there and start seriously manifesting what you want, this month!

With much love and gratitude,

"Helping You UNLEASH Your Limitless Self!"

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