Limitless Affirmations

50 Powerful Limitless Affirmations:

  1. I Am Amazing
  2. I Am Confident
  3. I Am Strong
  4. I Am Incredible
  5. I Am Limitless
  6. I Am An Energetic Being Living In A Physical Body With A LIMITLESS Mind
  7. I Can Create ANYTHING With The Power Of My Focus
  8. I’ve Been Bestowed This Amazing Vessel I’m In And I Use It For Good
  9. I Am The Creator Of My Life In Every Single Way
  10. Every Day And In Every Way, I Am Getting Better And Better And Better
  11. I Am In Complete Control My Thoughts, My Feelings, My Actions AND My Results
  12. Life Doesn’t Happen To Me, It Happens FOR ME
  13. I Am Next-Level
  14. I Am Ever-Evolving
  15. I Am Evolution
  16. I Am Powerful
  17. I Am Abundant
  18. I Am Divine
  19. I Am Blessed
  20. I Am Perfect As I Am
  21. Every Day And In Every Way, I Am Getting Better And Better And Better And My Life Is Amazing
  22. I Can Have Do Or Be ANYTHING I Desire, And That Is My Birthright
  23. I Was Born To Experience All The Good Life Has To Offer
  24. I Choose To Live My Life To The Fullest
  25. There’s No One Else Like Me In The Entire Universe
  26. I Am Infinitely Special And Unique In The Entire UniverseThe World Needs Me And My Unique Perspective And I Share It Unapologetically
  27. I Was Born To Be Me And That’s Who I’m Gonna Be
  28. I Am Made Of The Same Infinite Energy That Creates Worlds
  29. I Am ONE With The Energetic Universe
  30. I Am Energy
  31. I Am Everlasting Energy
  32. I Am The Universe & The Universe IS Me
  33. I Am The Creator
  34. I Am Divine
  35. We Are All Blessed To Be Alive And To Experience Life From Our Own Unique Perspective
  36. I Am The Center Of MY Universe & Reality
  37. I Am The Director AND Starring Actor In My Life’s Movie
  38. I Am The Author Of My Life’s Story And Can Write A New Chapter ANYTIME I Choose
  39. My Power Is Always In The Present Moment And I Can Tap Into It Anytime
  40. Everything Always Works Out For Me
  41. It’s My Birthright To Have All That I Desire And MORE
  42. The Universe Is Conspiring To Bring Me All That I Desire RIGHT NOW
  43. I Open Myself To Allow & Receive All That I Desire
  44. The Universe Always Has My Back
  45. I Am So Blessed To Be Alive Right Now
  46. I Have Infinite Chances To Create All That I Desire And More
  47. There’s So Much That I’m Grateful For In My Life
  48. Life Is Beautiful & I Find The Beauty In Everything
  49. Thank You So Much For This Opportunity
  50. I Am Eternally Grateful

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