The 2 Main Reasons Why You’re STUCK!

What's keeping YOU stuck?  What do you really think is keeping you stuck?  

After polling a couple dozen clients, these were the 2 MAIN REASONS why they were stuck spinning their wheels, and HOW they and YOU can start overcoming them, and start getting into MASSIVE action today!

Reason #1:
You Don't Think It's Possible OR
You've Never Done It Before

"You are what you BELIEVE"

Needing to "See it, to believe it" 
versus "believe it [FIRST] and then see it"

Your belief is like a thermostat that you've set for yourself and for your life.  Whatever you believe about any area of your life, will directly correlate to the results you have in THAT AREA!

  • If you've never made A LOT of money before or you believe that it's hard to make money for instance, then it WILL BE HARD for you to make money and you WON'T make a lot of it!
  • If you've never been able to lose weight and/or you believe it's hard to do, or even worse yet, that you CAN'T do it, then it will be HARD and/or you WON'T be able to lose weight, no matter how hard you try!

Your belief is literally just like a thermostat, if you set your thermostat to 68 in your house and open up all your windows on a 90 degree day, your house will start warming up to 69, 70, 71, 72... for a few minutes, until your AC kicks on and lowers the temperature back down to 68.

If you think it's hard to lose weight, you can do ALL the things to help you lose weight, but every step of the way it's going to be a challenge for you (eating healthy, working out, fasting, etc.)

* If you don't know what to do to lose weight by the way, start with my Top 3 Weight Loss Secrets Here to learn the Top 3 Things to do, to lose weight and keep it off for good!

This is the FIRST thing you need to look at when you desire a BIG change in your results.  Ask yourself... 

  1. "What do I believe is true for myself right now?"
  2. "Is this belief serving me?"
  3. "Do I want to continue accepting it, or do I choose to accept a NEW belief for myself?"

Challenge the "I Can't" or "It's Impossible" thoughts/beliefs you're having and any other limited beliefs that aren't serving you or don't align with who you want to be, and this is the first step to significantly changing that area of your life!

Need more help with this - Check out THIS article -
"How To Overcome Self-Doubt, & Change Your Belief Forever"

It's so funny, the picture above is of my now 12 year old son Nicholas, 5 year old Valen, and myself during Covid Halloween time, and if you were to ask my kids, "could you or your dad ever BE Spider man?",  they'd reply YES, totally!  

...Because my kids are growing up with a limitless mindset, that they (and others), can HAVE, DO or BE anything they want!  Because that is the truth!  No matter what you might think or what others may have told you in the past!

For real, you're a limitless being, capable of being, doing and having ANYTHING you choose!

Therefore, it's up to YOU to choose [WHAT you want] and then start fostering the BELIEF(S) that will support THAT result or truth in your life!  

If you stop RIGHT NOW and write down everything you believe to be true for yourself right now (your abilities, about your body, self, health, finances, etc.) you will start to see WHY you have the results you do in your life right now.  

The next step is to start challenging those beliefs [ask yourself how you got them, do you want to continue believing it, etc.] and I promise you, it will be the catalyst that begins to change your thermostat, results and life!

Reason #2:
Fear of Failing OR Needing Certainty 

Most people seek certainty before taking action , but...
"certainty is an illusion"

“More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.”  ~ Francois Gautier

Especially if you're a perfectionist, needing certainty before taking action IS one of the main things preventing you from progressing significantly toward your goal(s). 

Needing to KNOW that it's going to work for you (this is a BIG one!)

What if I fail?  

What will others think of me?  

What if I waste my time?

What if it doesn't meet my (or others) expectations?

I say "SO WHAT"!  You'll never truly KNOW, unless you go out there and DO "it", even if it is wrong, you can easily correct it!

I have news for you, if you're waiting to be "certain" about something, you'll be waiting forever!

We either try and SUCCEED, or we try and LEARN, failure is an illusion and doesn't really exist!

Just imagine you were already 100% perfect, what would be the point to any of this? 

There would be no point, there would be no opportunity for learning, growing, progressing, expanding... you'd already be "perfect" or the "best". 

It's our imperfection(s) that make our life truly meaningful!  It's all about the journey, the challenge(s) we face, the lessons we learn, to grow and expand... that's what it's all about!

So I say, fail forward, take action unapologetically, be the baby learning to walk - fall down, get back up again, by the kid learning to ride a bike - fall down, get back up again.

We're all human, we're never going to be perfect, so instead, focus on progress over perfection!

What you should focus more on, is gaining the clarity on WHY you're not taking action.  

Why aren't you doing the things you need to do?  

If you don't know WHAT to do, that is a problem, but honestly it's not the biggest reason why you aren't successful, because we live in an information-age where the information we seek on WHAT or HOW to do something is literally all around us, one google search or YT video away!

If you know WHAT or HOW to do something, but just aren't doing it, ask yourself...

"What do I think, believe or fear will happen if I pursue my goal, 
that's preventing me from taking massive action toward it right now?"

Whatever you're avoiding and for whatever reason, IS the FASTEST path to your success!

"Never let your fear decide your fate"

You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want, regardless of your situation.  So start challenging the story you're telling yourself about why you can't... and instead, start telling yourself why you CAN...

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you gain some valuable insights in your life!  

One last thing, knowledge without application is useless, so make sure you start applying your newfound knowledge  immediately...

ACTION ITEM: Write down (brain-dump) all the "limited thoughts/beliefs" you have right now on a piece of paper and challenge them!!!

You CAN do anything, I assure you!  I used to be a shy, introverted "nobody", but now I'm helping hundreds of people transform their lives each day/week/month, and I'm living my BEST life every day!!  

You CAN TOO!!!  Let's make it happen!!

With much love and gratitude,

"Helping You UNLEASH Your Limitless Self!"

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