Ultimate Manifestation Checklist: 21-Point Checklist For Manifesting With More Ease & Effortlessness

Do you really know what manifestation is?

Many people think manifestation is some secret or mystical concept… but in reality, we are ALWAYS manifesting 24/7/365 whether we’re aware of it or not!

In fact, you’re never NOT manifesting!

If the things you desire have eluded you or are “hard to get”, it’s only because you’re manifesting the absence of your desire MORE than the presence of it.

People who are 100% in harmony with what they want, manifest their desires WAY BETTER, WAY FASTER and WAY EASIER than everyone else and as a result are labeled “lucky” or “successful” or life’s just easier for them, etc.

The reality is, YOU COULD TOO if you start practicing and applying the art of deliberate manifestation (or conscious manifestation) more often for yourself.

Use this 21-point checklist below to make sure you are actually in tune and in harmony with your desires, to start deliberately manifesting the things you want in your life WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY!!

[Important Note: Be sure to take notes on each of these points or print them out, they will serve you extremely well if you follow and practice them on a daily basis]

We're ALWAYS Manifesting 24/7/365 Whether We're Aware Of It Or Not... The Question Is, What Are YOU Manifesting?


Make sure you have decided on EXACTLY what you want and WRITE IT DOWN. “Don’t just think it, INK it”! Your thoughts can change, so once you write it down, you’ve made a concise decision about what you actually want (this is a super important step!)

Sounds easy enough, but most people don’t actually do this properly and never truly decide on what they want.


Put your intention into a PRESENT TENSE statement. Something like, "I just now received an extra $5,000 this month, easily and effortlessly!"

It MUST be in the present tense as point 3 below will highlight…


Leverage how our mind/brain naturally works and creates our reality:

1) It activates/creates visually through pictures

2) It sends/receives/magnetizes through FEELING

3) It operates ONLY in the PRESENT (it’s not aware of “future” or “past”)

So whatever idea or picture you have in your mind for your desire and how you feel about it in the present moment, IS what you’re manifesting right now into your life.


Write out (3) End Scenes you would see in your Imagination IF your manifestation was already done.

End Scenes are like 'movie scenes'. Describe in 1st-person POV what you would see if you already had what you desire.

Visualize these End Scenes regularly - Imagine you’re the star of YOUR own life’s movie and are living life already HAVING, DOING or BEING your desire(s).


Write out (5) Emotions you would FEEL if your desire was completely manifested into your life.

Truly, how would you feel if you already had what you wanted? Excited, ecstatic, elated, happy, grateful, overjoyed, free, relief, etc.

If you’re ever going to get what you desire, you MUST feel these emotions on a regular basis in regards to (your desire) in order to start magnetizing and attracting it into your life!


Describe your (3) End Scenes with additional qualities and characteristics.

Like, "Easy" or "Fast" or "This manifested with total joy, happiness and effortlessness”...

What did it look like, smell like, taste like, feel like exactly, or what sounds did you hear?


Mentally rehearse being the version of YOU that already has what you desire in your life.

Each day, focus on IMAGINING the (3) End Scenes & FEELING the (5) Emotions from above, and like a child pretending to be an astronaut or police officer, imagine your wish fulfilled. 

It's already happened energetically and is unfolding physically into your reality as we speak.  We're just mentally rehearsing in preparation for it, like training for the big game!


Match your inner speech (your inner thoughts and self-dialogue) with your end desire. Focus each day on thoughts like, "It's done, how wonderful is this?!", “This is amazing”, “I am so successful”...

Or, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Take 5 minutes each day and deliberately think these empowering thoughts to yourself.


Foster a default perspective and attitude of gratitude and appreciation in your life - for your desire(s) AND for everything you already have right now. Often we forget how blessed we already are to have our needs met and often exceeded already.

Look around your room/environment and take note of all the people and things you appreciate in your life and/or that make your life easier/better in some way.  Then bask in your appreciation of each for a minute or two with a smile on your face.


Make sure you Let and Allow your desire in. You do this by focusing on the PRESENCE of the desire, not the ABSENCE of the desire. This is where most people go wrong and often focus on the lack of their desire, especially when they see others who have what they want.

While you’re feeling the presence of what you want - help, bless and increase others, give unconditionally, work on your job or business from joy and abundance, focus on the positives and blessings in your life, appreciate the little things, etc.

Let and Allow the Universe to do it's thing for you.  The Universe is ALWAYS working FOR YOU, you just have to stop blocking it with counter/opposite thoughts.


Get PROPER REST. This may sound out of the ordinary for manifestation, but if you are exhausted all day, it's really hard to actually stay focused on what you want.

Give yourself the rest you need and deserve. I don’t believe in ‘grinding it out’ all day and forcing action, it’s about being aligned and taking inspired action from that space.

Aligned Action is infinitely more powerful than Forced Action.  You must slow down to speed up from time to time.


Get PROPER NUTRITION. This also may sound out of the ordinary for manifestation, but if you’re not eating foods that are high in nutrition and energy, you will feel fatigued, lethargic and down right bad which will affect your overall mood throughout the day.

Foods full of life and vitality such as fruits and vegetables are a great choice!  My general rule of thumb is, if it's "living" it will make you feel alive, if it's dead, it will make you feel like death.


Breathe PROPERLY. Most people don’t pay nearly enough attention to their breath. Slow, Deep & Complete Breaths will immediately help you relax your body and being.  

"Box-breathing" is a SUPER effective way to ensure you’re breathing properly and are in the right state of mind and body (nervous system) for manifesting more effectively.

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds (w/ lungs full of air), complete exhale through your mouth (like you’re blowing through a straw) for 5 seconds (releasing and letting go of all tension in your body), pause for 5 seconds, then repeat.


Make sure you do a bit of cleaning and organizing of your environment each day.

Our outer environment (results/reality) is a direct reflection of our inner environment (mind) "As above, so below", "As within, so without". A dirty and unorganized environment is a direct representation of an unorganized mind.

The more your physical environment is aligned, structured and focused, the more your energy and mind will be aligned, structured and focused.


Do a repeated affirmation like, "I am a Spiritual (or Energetic) Being, living in a physical body, with a limitless mind." each day 100X.

Focus on a general concept that aligns you with your Higher Self and helps you feel more like the LIMITLESS being you truly are!


Lower Your Resistance: Focus LESS on your specific goal/desire if you are feeling resistance around it and go more general temporarily. Meaning, focus on something else or something more general for a short time to lessen the resistance.

For instance, if you’re currently broke and you’re trying to focus on manifesting more abundance such as an extra $5,000 or $10,000 and it’s just making you feel worse, try to focus on things that are good and abundant in other areas of your life such as the abundance of air/oxygen that you get to breathe, the abundance of love in your life, leaves on trees, sand on the beach, cells or atoms in our body, water, electricity, sun, etc.  

There's an abundance of EVERYTHING in our world, it's just up to us to attune ourselves more to it via our focus.


Change Your Perspective - Everything is Relative: Practice manifesting something smaller and more believable or realistic for yourself with where you are right now. Our beliefs dictate what we think we can or can’t manifest, so if we can choose something that we KNOW we can manifest and have ZERO or NO resistance toward (like a cup of coffee or a nickel let's say), it will be much easier to allow in and manifest (Non-resistance) and this will give you insight into the perspective you need to have, in order to manifest something "bigger".

Important Side Note:  Manifesting something "bigger" or "smaller" doesn't matter at all to the Universe, manifesting is manifesting and ALL creation is complete.  It's our human/limited mind & perspective that is creating the meaning and association of something being "bigger" or "harder" to manifest.

Along the same lines, if you can change your perspective around your goal/desire into something more “realistic” for yourself, this is super powerful as well. For instance, if you’re going for an extra $5,000 this month, break it down to $1,250 each week or even further by dividing that by 7 days in a week and that SAME $5,000 is now $179 per day. Then you can focus on the idea “What would I need to do to make $180 today?” instead of $5,000!  Very helpful to manifest more money!


Look to study & apply these concepts each day, but don't over-study. Study is there to expand your consciousness and to keep ideas and thoughts at the forefront of your mind.

But studying is not the actual shift itself, APPLYING the knowledge you're learning is far more important, as THAT will help you FEEL differently and ultimately help you create the energetic/vibrational shift required to attract your new desire/reality.

The true shift is the “Ah-ha” moment you experience when you truly understand these points and you NEVER go back to your old perspective or way of thinking.


GIVE MORE for the next 7 days. Give extra tips, give extra compliments, give extra thank you’s or thank you notes, etc.

By doing so, you will align more with increasing others and it will quickly start coming right back to you.

 POINT #20

Do a DEEP AFFIRMATION of a thought you would have AS IF your ultimate desire manifested.

Example, "I need to hire my next employee this week from my new found super success!"

Or another example, "I need to transfer another $50,000 extra into my savings account this week!"

An idea or thought you would have AS IF your desire has manifested.


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In Summary

Be sure to use these 21-points and ideas to help you align and tune in with your ultimate desires and dreams more effectively from here on out.

Remember, it's not about 'grinding' and 'forcing it' into existence.

It's about transcending your current situation and "self", RISING to your desires, and staying in the elevated FEELING of them while APPRECIATING everything in your life - past AND future desires that are still unfolding (on their way to manifesting into your physical world) for you.

Lastly, I want to remind you that you’re always manifesting 24/7/365!  So the real question is, how do you feel about the thing you desire RIGHT NOW in the present moment (good or bad)? If it’s bad, you WILL continue repelling it and it will continue to elude you.

You MUST feel better about it, be on par with it, FUSE with it, in order to effectively attract it into your life!

This information has served me in many life-changing ways over the past few years and my hope is that it will do the same for you!


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