Tony's "Mind Body Evolution" Coaching Packages

Are you in a rut with your health, life or business?  Or have you plateaued in some area, and simply want MORE?

Well let me ask you, what if you could:

  •  Unlock the HEALTHIEST version of you possible?
  • Have the energy of your teenage-self again?
  • Lose ALL the weight you wanted?
  • LOVE being in your body?
  • Attract ONLY the best relationships into your life?
  • Have a wildly SUCCESSFUL business/career on all levels?
  • Manifest all the ABUNDANCE you could ever dream of?
  • Be truly PASSIONATE about life again? AND ultimately...
  • Be the HAPPIEST and most FULFILLED you've ever been
     about yourself, your business/career and literally every aspect of your life?

What if you were able to unlock the BEST VERSION of YOU possible, 
to better serve your family, friends, clients and self?

How would that feel?  How would YOU feel? 

If you said "Yes, that would be amazing please show me how!"...or something similar, 
then get ready because you're moments away from transforming your mind, body AND life, in a BIG-TIME WAY!  

Welcome to the Mind Body Evolution!

Please choose the option that works best for you below and LET'S GET GOING!!

With much love and gratitude,
- Tony


Please choose the program that works best for you below:


Includes FREE Access To The Private Mind Body Evolution Facebook Group AND Online Video Modules!

* Please Note: This Does Not Include Live Coaching*

Here's what the Self-Paced, Online Program includes:

  • Access to The 8-Week Online Program Itself, Which Includes Videos That Unlock Each Week That Help You Learn EXACTLY How To Start MASTERING Your Mind & Body, And Ultimately Return Back To Balance In Any Area Of Your Life! ($1497 Value)
  • Access to the Private "Mind Body Evolution" Facebook Group Where We Host FREE Mindset Training & Challenges ($497 Value)
  • Access to the FULL "21st Century Health Revolution" Online Self-Paced Program AND eBook, Where You'll Learn EXACTLY How To Burn Fat & Lose Weight, Once And For ALL! ($297 Value
  • An Example 21-Day Meal Plan To Follow, Specifically Tailored To Your Weight-Loss Goals ($197 Value):


One-Time Payment



Two Easy Payments



The Group Coaching Program Includes EVERYTHING From The Self-Paced Online Program, PLUS:

  • Weekly ZOOM Group Coaching/Accountability Sessions (60 min) - 4 Sessions Per Month ($297 Value Per Session)
    • This Includes Access To Past Replays (Awesome If You Have A Busy Schedule)

  • Access to the Private "Mind Body Evolution - ELITE Group Coaching" Facebook Group ($997 Value) - Reserved ONLY For Group Coaching Clients, Where We Host Special Mindset Training & Challenges, As Well As Where You Can: 
    • Ask Questions
    • Post Wins
    • Get Weekly Ideas, Tips, Strategies
    • Connect With Like-Minded Individuals To Help Keep Each Other Motivated & Stay Accountable



$137 per month (cancel anytime)


If You Need Immediate Guidance And Don't Want To Commit To A Monthly Program Or Package, Then This Option Is Perfect For You! It Includes:

  • One LIVE 1-On-1 ZOOM Coaching Session With Coach Tony For 60 Minutes ($297 Value)
    • Which Also Includes Access To The Full Session Recording
  •  Session Breakdown Typically Looks Like The Following:
    • 10 Minutes - Discovery & Discussing Goals & Challenges
    • 30 Minutes - Coaching
    • 10 Minutes - Strategy & Action Plan
    • 10 Minutes - Conclusion & Questions

One-Time Payment



The ELITE Group Coaching Package Includes EVERYTHING From The Group Program, PLUS:

  • Monthly LIVE 1-On-1 ZOOM Coaching Sessions w/ Coach Tony - 1 x 60-Min Session Or 2 x 30-Min Sessions  ($297 Value Per Session)
    • This Includes Access To ALL Past Replays! (These are GOLD to go back to!)
  • * SPECIAL 12 MONTH PAY IN FULL BONUS *: 1 Year Access To The "Manifestation Accelerator" Program, Where You'll Learn "Next Level" Proven Secrets & Strategies For Attracting & Manifesting The Health, Life, Relationships & Business Of Your Dreams! ($1,997 Value)


3 Month Package

Pay In Full



Payment Plan

$277 per month for 3 months

12 Month Package

Pay In Full



Payment Plan

$250 per month for 12 months


The ELITE 1-On-1 Coaching Package Includes EVERYTHING From The Group Program, PLUS:

  • Weekly 1-On-1 Personalized ZOOM Coaching Sessions w/ Coach Tony (60 min) - 4 Sessions Per Month ($297 Value Per Session)
    • This Includes Access To ALL Past Replays! (These are GOLD to go back to!)
  • * SPECIAL 12 MONTH PAY IN FULL BONUS *: 1 Year Access To The "Manifestation Accelerator" Program, Where You'll Learn "Next Level" Proven Secrets & Strategies For Attracting & Manifesting The Health, Life, Relationships & Business Of Your Dreams! ($1,997 Value)


Your Life And Results Will DRASTICALLY Change Through This Program!

3 Month Package

Pay In Full



Payment Plan

$600 per month for 3 months

12 Month Package

Pay In Full



Payment Plan

$500 per month for 12 months


The MASTER VIP Coaching (Certification) Package Includes EVERYTHING From The Elite 1-On-1 Coaching Program, PLUS:

  • Weekly 1-On-1 Life & Business ZOOM Coaching Sessions w/ Coach Tony (90 min) - 4 Sessions Per Month ($497 Value Per Session)
    • This Includes Access To ALL Past Replays! (These are GOLD to go back to!)

  • A 90-Day Proven Strategy Plan & Online Coaching Business Roadmap, To Help You Exponentially Increase Your Results ASAP! ($4,997 Value)
  • 1 Year Access To The "Manifestation Accelerator" Program, Where You'll Learn "Next Level" Proven Secrets & Strategies For Attracting & Manifesting The Health, Life, Relationships & Business Of Your Dreams! ($1,997 Value)
  • Access to the Private Slack Group, Where You Will Be In Direct Communication With Your Coach, Accountability Partner & Mastermind Group! ($4,997 Value)
  • After Completing This Program And Meeting All Objectives, You Will Become A Certified Level 1 Mind Body Evolution Coach And Will Be Well On Your Way To Having Your Own $20,000-Per-Month Coaching Business! ($9,997 Value)


This Is The HIGHEST Level Of Coaching Currently Offered...
There Are No Limits To What You Will Achieve This Year Through This Program!

Now Accepting NEW Applicants / Clients
Please Book a FREE Strategy Call For More Details 

See What Others Are Saying About
The Mind Body Evolution Coaching Program!

"I have been working with Tony, the owner of Mind Body Evolution for about 6 months. I first became familiar with his work from a FB friend named Bill, who had announced how great he felt from a recent weight loss he obtained through Tony’s program. I continued to watch Bill's transformation each week, until one day I decided I would reach out to Tony myself.

Tony is kind, fit, knowledgeable and radiates of peace, calmness and confidence. I have become a different person since knowing Tony. I am more confident, fit and beautiful both inside and out! Once getting through my first 3 months, I had to continue for a yearly program. I am healthier and few better than I have in 20 years!

If you feel blah and that you might be too old to get in shape, or afraid you aren’t healthy enough to begin an exercise regimen and feel good about yourself, think again!! Tony is such a blessing in his teachings that I wonder how I’ve made it this far without his help. Call him, you won’t regret it!"

Patricia Hermanowski-Tousant

“Tony believes in his clients with unconditional love, support, and allows me to put my dreams first.  Tony accepts everyone in whatever journey and path they might be going on and only wants the best for his clients.  Tony has helped me find my purpose, eat healthier, love and forgive myself, and prioritize what truly matters in life.  Invest in Tony and he will invest right back in you and teach you lifelong skills to thrive!”

(August 2021)

"The good, the bad and the ugly… he’s seen it. He doesn’t judge, he guides. He listens without interrupting. He motivates and inspires. He becomes part of your family. He’s the ultimate mindset partner, Tony Incassati!"

(August 2021)

"Four months ago I began an incredible journey with Tony and Mind Body Evolution. My husband and I have been vegan for five years and knew a friend that had lost 160 pounds with Tony's support. While I have some weight to lose, I was most intrigued by the energy, and attitude work our friend spoke of, and which we could see in his overall personality. I set up a 30 minute free consultation and realized that Tony was what I had been looking for. I'd often pondered looking further into Buddhism and Tony talked about principles of eating and energy that resonated with me in a way that Buddhism always had. (Tony does not get into religion but does break down our connection to each other, the world, and the universe from a physical, intellectual and spiritual energy perspective. Tony spent a dedicated hour each week with me, talking to me about the programs foundations but quickly pivoting to a personalized approach based on my needs that week. There were often aha moments and I enjoyed the homework given, which often involved affirmations, visualizations, and journaling focused on self love, forgiveness, and envisioning infinite possibilities. At first, I found myself thinking AKA judging...there is no way this guy is really this positive and high on life, but then I started to catch on and found myself at peace, energized in all the right ways, and achieving things I never thought possible. (Recently, I landed the job of my dreams and identified other dreams that were under the surface because I lacked the confidence to go after them). Tony is a cheerleader, coach, and helps you step into a place of neutrality and see yourself and others in new ways. To say he is an incredible, life changing visionary would be an understatement. His concepts are simple and complex at the same time; meaning they are easy to employ but you MUST be open minded to truly embrace the journey he takes you on. Stop doing what you've always done, stop thinking how you've always thought. Reach out to Tony today to realize unconditional love and forgiveness of self and others, focus on gratitude and accomplishing all you've ever dreamed of and realize you could achieve infinitely more, and find a happier and healthier way to be." 

With deep gratitude, 
(August 2021)

"This program has provided me the necessary tools to help change my mindset, and to be able to cope with whatever might happen in my life. For awhile I was feeling kind of down, and really rather stuck in life, with my every day routine. After completing Coach Tony’s program, I view things a little differently and my overall happiness has greatly improved. So whether you want to lose/gain weight, or obtain some mental clarity, this course is for you. It’ll change your perspective in life, get your energy flowing, and will help “unstuck” you!" 

(August 2021)

(April 2021)

(June 2021)

HEY TONY! I need to send these to you. I remember telling you when I took the first photo lol. This was awkward for me to do lol but I’m glad I did it. Not only do I feel better still and continuously getting better but I was happy to see these comparisons. My cardiologist and asthma specialist are both very pleased which is awesome. Of course I still have my ups and downs with my breathing but what a difference it has made all around to not have to focus so much of my energy on breathing! I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the basics. It’s truly been so helpful. 

- Emily
(December 2020)

"Before I started Tony’s program I was doing conventional dieting to try and lose weight. I was eating lean meats, a lot of vegetables, and counting calories with a lot of exercising. But when I would finish meals I was always gassy, bloated with abdominal cramps, and I was always clearing my throat. I would also get very tired after eating and I would feel the need to nap and my eyes would feel so heavy.

When I started Tony’s program, I noticed immediate results. My cramps and bloating subsided and after meeting my two month goal without cheating, I no longer had abdominal pain or cramps, gas, urgency to run to the bathroom, even menstrual cramps, and I was not clearing my throat anymore, like at all. I could not remember the last time I had cleared my throat excessively after eating. My energy level increased and I was able to focus more. 

In just the first 2 months I lost 20 pounds with this lifestyle change and exercising. It was the best decision I had ever made in my entire life. It was not easy at first. I had to break old habits and learn new ones. I would have not been able to do it without Tony. He walked me through and was there every step of the way."

- Rachel

"Before I started with Tony’s program, I was about 100lbs overweight and I had type II diabetes. I had absolutely no energy and had a lot of stomach problems.

I decided to follow Tony’s program and I feel so much better. I have more energy, I lost close to 90lbs and my A1C has dropped significantly. I was able to stop my diabetes medicine and control it with diet and exercise. I have also been able to lower my cholesterol. I have three dogs and now I am able to walk them about 6 miles a day without getting tired. I feel like I got my life back.

 Tony, thank you so much. It is an amazing program and it has changed my life."

- Vicki


AND Here's A Few Previous Client Weight-Loss Results!  
YOU Could Be The NEXT!!

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee


If after 60 days, you're not BLOWN AWAY by the "Mind Body Evolution" Program, and you don't think it can help you reach your goals... then I demand you get a refund!

Simply reach out in the Private Facebook group that you're a part of, and/or email me directly at, and I will personally and cheerfully refund your payment.

No questions asked.

As you can see, there’s absolutely nothing for you to lose and only EVERYTHING to gain!!


If you're finally ready to transform your health, life or business, I invite you to choose the program that works best for you above, and let's get started RIGHT AWAY!

And Remember...

"Any Investment You Make On Yourself, Is The BEST Investment Possible, For It Will Give You Exponential Returns, Forever!"

Results Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential, there is no guarantee that you will experience any specific results using the techniques and ideas in this program or any of these products. This is information designed to help you understand the topic covered. It is not an attempt to "get the results for you" or guarantee your results in any way. How you use the information is entirely up to you and therefore, Mind Body Evolution, LLC and its owner (Tony Incassati), its programs and its affiliates, cannot be held responsible for any results or lack thereof that are experienced by any individual. Your results are entirely dependent upon the action you take. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with expert opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although are accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase any of these programs.