Manifestation Mastery – Week 1

Welcome In To The Manifestation Mastery Program, I'm So Happy You're Here!  

I hope you're ready to become the MASTER of your LIFE and REALITY!  This is a 33-day program that is designed to help you learn, apply and master the art and science of manifestation FASTER and EASIER than ever before, so I hope you're as excited as I am to get you started!  

Some Quick Instructions: You will be receiving an email each week, that will provide you with the instructions and access to the modules for that specific week.  Simply follow the instructions in that email, watch the modules and apply the information in the exercises for that specific week, and my promise to you is this: You will be well on your way to creating and attracting the results and life that you desire within just a few weeks!!  

[Please Note: If you ever have any trouble or need support at anytime throughout this program, please email me at]

Before we jump in to the 'Week 1' content, please watch these 2 Welcome Videos, where I share a bit about how you can best use this program!

Welcome Video 1

Welcome Video 2

Week 1 - Lesson 1: "The Basics"

Video 1: Everything Is Energy

Video 2: How Manifestation Really Works

Video 3: The 17 Second Rule

How To Manifest More Patiently, More Calmy & Confidently!

Every thought we think has an energetic gestational period before it can manifest into our physical reality, and the inception of each thought takes 17 seconds...

Week 1 - Action Item 1

Track & Discover Your Thoughts & Feelings

Week 1 - Lesson 2

Video 1: The #1 Manifestation Killer + The 3 Core Laws

Video 2: 3-Step Reality Creation Process

Week 1 - Action Item 2

You Can Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Manifest ANY Desire!

Video 3: SUPERCHARGE Your Manifesting

End Of Week 1 Check-In:

You Can HAVE, DO or BE Anything... With The Right Mindset And Guidance!

If you ever need help throughout this program, or if you ever want deeper insight into manifesting YOUR specific goals and desires faster or more effectively, I'd like to invite you to book a call on my calendar for a FREE Strategy Session with me (or someone from my team). I'd love nothing more than to help you answer any questions and accelerate your progress like never before!  

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