Manifestation Mastery – Week 2

Welcome In To Week 2 Of Our Manifestation Mastery Program!  

I hope you enjoyed week 1 and are finding lots of value so far in the program!  We're honestly just getting started and I'm so excited for you to be here in Week 2!  

We're going to go a bit deeper into some of the ideas you learned in week 1 to help you accelerate your results this week, so let's get started right away!!

Video 1: Week 2 - Check-In

Video 2: A Calm Mind Is A Blank Canvas

Video 3: Mind Garden

Video 4: 68 Seconds = Attraction Underway

Week 2 - Action Item / Exercise 1

Video 5: Until THIS Changes, Nothing NEW Can Manifest!

Video 6: Change Your Story, Change Your Life!

Week 2 - Action Item /Exercise 2

Change Your Story, Change Your Life. 

YOU Are The Author Of Your Life's Story - It's Time To Start Writing A NEW ONE!

End Of Week 2 Check-In:

You're Doing Awesome!  

Please Make Sure You Do The Exercises From This Week AND Last Week!
(If you haven't already).

See You In Week 3!