Manifestation Mastery – Week 4

Welcome In To Week 4!

You're doing AMAZING! I hope you're finding lots of value in this program so far! This week, we're going to start tying it all together for you so lets get right to it!

Important Note: If you haven't already done so, please make sure you do the Week 3 Exercises BEFORE starting week 4.

Here are the links to the exercises for you before we get started:

Download Week 3 - Exercise 1 Here

Download Week 3 - Exercise 2 Here

Video 1: Week 4 - Check-In

Video 2: THIS Is How You Become LIMITLESS

You Are The Center Of Your Universe, You Are The Creator Of YOUR Reality...
What Are You Choosing To Create?

Video 3 - Power-Posing (Motion Creates E-Motion)

INSTANTLY FEEL BETTER & Get Yourself In The Flow - A Win-Win!

Video 4: Your Power Is In The Present Moment

Here's What To Do When Life Just Isn't Going Your Way,
To Shift Immediately Into A Better Energy!

In this video I explain "Pivoting" & The Power Of The Present Moment as well as how Box-Breathing works

Week 4 - Action Item / Exercises 1: 

Download A Copy Of The Week 4 - Exercise 1 Here

Audio 5: [BONUS] Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

The Generous Present Moment

Video 6: #1 Reason You're Not Manifesting Your Desire

How To Shift & Stay In The Wish Fulfilled

Video 7:

Manifest 10X Faster After Shifting This Perspective! 

Powerful Law of Assumption Exercise

Week 4 - Action Item / Exercise 2: 

Download A Copy Of The Week 4 - Exercise 2 Here

These Powerful Exercises Allow You To How To SHIFT Your Energy Instantly, Putting You MORE In A State Of Letting And Allowing All That You Desire Into Your Life!

[BONUS] Video: Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Use This Scripting Technique To Help You
Embody Your Wish Fulfilled!

Audio 8: [BONUS] Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

Changing Beliefs & Perceptions

End Of Week 4:

You're In The Home Stretch, Way To Go!

We Still Have 3 More Days To Go In This Program (This Program Is 33-Days In Total), So Please Stay Tuned For The Conclusion!  

Truly The Last Part = Is The BEST Part!  

See You Over In The "Putting It All Together" Video!