How Bill Lost 150 Lbs
In ONLY 12 Months!

If you've struggled to lose weight and you're tired of riding the weight-loss "roller-coaster", this article is for you!

You're about to learn the 3 Main, Core "Secrets" my client Bill used, to not only lose 150 pounds in 12 MONTHS, but also regain his health, energy, vitality, AND strengthen his heart!!

SECRET #1: Start Eating Whole, Un-Processed Foods

On average, over 70% of Americans' food comes from processed food, including meat and dairy.  Although these foods are "the norm" for most people and are being promoted on every TV commercial under the sun, the reality is they're "empty calories", meaning they're un-naturally HIGH in calories and LOW in nutrients, they cause chronic inflammation in the body, and they're highly addicting!

The result of this is evident by looking at the health of the country as a whole and the fact is, American's are in the WORST state of health in human history!  

  • Since the 1970's the number of people living with obesity has TRIPLED, and it continues to rise each year!
  • Healthcare spending in the US is over $3 TRILLION dollars and rising drastically each year to the tune of around 90 billion dollars each year
  • Life expectancy has been on the decline for the past several consecutive years
  • As other countries adopt the same western, "American diet", they too are experiencing a DECLINE in health and an INCLINE in obesity and other chronic diseases

The diagram below begins to highlight just how and why eating processed foods leads to over-eating and ultimately to weight gain and obesity...it's because they quite literally don't fill your stomach.  

Check Out This Additional Resource on Calorie Density: "Forks Over Knives Article"

Processed foods are essentially anything man-made or man-altered from their natural state (Some of the worst being white, enriched, refined flours, added sugar, oil, processed meat, and dairy).  

WHOLE Plant-Based Foods are completely natural and grown directly from mother nature (ideally organic), mainly fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  

I personally started learning about foods, diet, health and nutrition, because I was personally in the worst state of health in my life at the time, in 2015!   

  • I suffered horribly from chronic allergies and sinus infections, 
  • I had NO energy and always felt fatigued
  • Quite honestly I felt like a zombie day in and day out and felt like I was dying!
  • I weighed the most I'd weighed in my entire life
  • I was miserable and taking it out on my kids and wife

The list goes on and on, but I personally knew I wasn't eating "healthy" by any means (lot's of meat, dairy, processed foods - pizza, burgers, chicken, French fries, Raman, white bread, cereal, cookies, cakes, ice cream, etc.)...

AND cancer ran in my family too... I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer when I was 15 (he was only 42), and I didn't want history to repeat itself for my kids' sake!

So when I learned just how bad I was eating  and what it was doing deep down in my body (causes inflammation and is directly linked to heart disease, cancer and many of the most prevalent diseases around right now), I made the decision to start eating 100% better for my body, for my health, for my kids, for my wife, and for ultimately our future... 

One of my most immediate challenges I wanted to fix right away was my allergies and inflammation.  They were terrible and I suffered daily from them! 

So I decided to choose foods that are mainly anti-inflammatory, which happened to be primarily Plant-Based, so I decided to go 100% Plant-Based (and take a multivitamin just in case I was going to be missing any micronutrients - which I later discovered, is not necessary if you have a well balanced diet)!

The results I experienced were almost unbelievable!  In only 12 weeks from changing my diet...

  • I eliminated my allergies forever (I'm talkin I haven't had to take an allergy pill in 6 years!)
  • I haven't gotten sick since then (in over 6 years), with the exception of getting Covid from my kids recently!
  • I now experience ENDLESS ENERGY all day long
  • I'm at my perfect body weight (even during holidays, lol)
  • I'm the STRONGEST I've ever been
  • I feel like a teenager again and I'll be 41 this year!!  

I'm not kidding when I say, it literally gave me my LIFE,  ENERGY, HEALTH & VITALITY back!  

In fact, it impacted me so much so, that I ended up becoming a certified holistic health coach, plant-based nutrition consultant, life coach, mind set coach, manifestation coach AND transformation coach and I changed my career after 18 years in the IT industry, to dedicate myself 100% to helping others transform their lives the way that I did, and the way all of my clients are doing!

AND I sincerely want YOU to experience the same thing for yourself and for your loved ones!!

So the first "Secret" is to start eating Whole, Un-Processed and Primarily Plant-Based Foods to lose weight and re-gain your health!

KEEP READING for the other Secrets!

SECRET #2: Fiber Is The #1 Indicator For Health

Fiber is the "Miracle Nutrient" that no one talks about!  This single nutrient should be your primary focus throughout your health journey, beyond all the other normal macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fats).

Fiber is the non-digestible portion of plant foods that helps our bodies digest and absorb the nutrition from our food effectively.  Primarily found in plants, namely fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and legumes/nuts, you should be aiming to eat 35g of fiber OR MORE, each day!

The average adult eats less than half of that, only 15g per day!!

Fiber will help you on SO many levels...it'll help:

  • Fill your stomach with natural "bulk" which will help satiate you and give you the full feeling at the right time during your meal.  Typically, a meal void of fiber will NOT fill you naturally and you will overeat because of it (This is NOT your fault, this is a natural response to eating "un-natural", man-made and processed foods - see diagram above again)
  • Balance your entire digestive system, including helping to feed the good, symbiotic bacteria in your intestines that make up your gut flora.  

    Quick Note: If your digestive system is really out of whack, you can take a good quality probiotic supplement to help you restore it
  • Slow the absorption of vitamins and minerals from your food, which prevents spikes in your blood sugar levels AND helps you get the most energy from your food possible
  • Your "number 2's" (eliminations) be soft and comfortable (S-Shaped and loose Ideally)

The biggest benefit you'll get by eating more natural fiber though, is you will naturally start eating less calories because you're going to be and FEEL much more full and satisfied from then whole, plant based foods that naturally contain more fiber.  

Oftentimes, a meal containing 400 to 500 calories of whole, plant-based food (fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans & legumes/nuts) will fill your stomach completely!

SECRET #3: You MUST Be In A Calorie Deficit Every Day!

In order for your body to start shifting into true, dominantly "energy burning mode" instead of "energy conserving mode", you HAVE TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT EVERY DAY!  In other words, you have to eat LESS than what your body requires each day!

In order to figure this out, you have to do some quick calculations based on your current body weight, height and age.  

  1. First, you have to calculate your "BMR" Basal Metabolic Rate or the amount of calories it takes to keep your body alive (heart pumping, lungs breathing, hair growing, etc.)
  2. Second, you have to factor in your activity level each day = "TEE" Total Energy Expenditure
  3. Lastly, you have to set a "Maximum" daily limit of calories that will help ensure 100%, that you will consistently eat UNDER your amount of calories each day = "DCC" Daily Calorie Ceiling

There are other resources out on the Internet that can help you calculate this, but I've found this is one of the most accurate calculations that works amazing for people! 

Lucky for you, I've created this instruction to make it easier for you to calculate:

Once you've calculated your own "TEE" Total Energy Expenditure number, you now know how many calories (or how much energy) it takes to keep your body going each day. 

Simply put, if you eat more calories than your TEE number each day, then you'll gain weight; If you eat the same amount of calories as your TEE number each day, you'll stay the same weight; and if you eat less than your TEE number each day, you'll LOSE WEIGHT!

The MORE calories you can eat UNDER your TEE number, the MORE WEIGHT YOU WILL LOSE!  

An example for applying this is as follows:

If you calculated your "TEE" number to be 2100 calories, then in order to start losing weight, you HAVE TO set your "DCC" Daily Calorie Ceiling UNDER that number to ensure 100%, that you will start losing weight each day, week, month, etc.

BONUS SECRET: 1 Pound Equals = 3,500 Calories

I figured if you've read this far, you deserve MORE!  So now that you know 3500 calories = 1 pound, now you can start to realistically figure out how much weight you CAN lose each week.

A quick example of this is, if you eat 500 calories less than your TEE number, you will lose 1 pound at the end of that week (500 x 7 days in a week = 3500 calories).

Another example of this is, if you eat 1000 calories less than your TEE number, you'll lose 2 lbs. at the end of that week (1000 x 7 days in a week = 7000 calories).

If you take this even further and can work out 3 to 4 hours each week in addition to eating in a calorie deficit, you will burn an additional 1500 to 2000 calories, which is 1/2 a pound!  This will help expedite your weight loss goals even more so!

OK, now that you KNOW what types of foods to start eating (Whole, Plant Based Foods that are high in fiber) and how to shift your body into an energy/fat burning mode by eating in a calorie deficit, you can now start to re-gain control of your health and body weight in a much more serious, natural and realistic way! 

You're now armed with some powerful core information that can and WILL help you lose weight if you apply it!

However, if you...

  • Know you need more help or accountability to really start applying this knowledge
  • Have a lot of body fat to lose and don't feel confident that you can do it on your own
  • Want an actual program, meal plan, grocery list, recipes, exercises, personal accountability, etc.

Then I invite you to go a bit further and either check out my eBook where I go into MUCH MORE detail and provide several more powerful secrets to help you out, and/or Book A FREE Strategy Call W/ Me Here to get some FREE coaching where we can develop a powerful strategy and help you really level-up this year!

In any case, I hope this article was helpful for you!  If you've gotten value and/or have seen AMAZING and TRANSFORMATIVE results from what you learned here today, I'd love to hear about it!  Please leave a comment below or reach out to me directly at Tony@MindBodyEvolution.com.  

Thanks so much for reading and I'm wishing you the most success in your health and life this year!

With much gratitude,

"Your Health Is Your True Wealth...
Change Your Health, Change Your Life!"

"You Are What You Believe...

You'll Change Your Life!"